Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Microsoft Azure Web Role - RDP hangs at "Configuring Remote Session ..."

I have been researching Microsoft Azure recently, both Azure App Service Web Apps and Azure Cloud Services (Web Roles and Worker Roles). I created a very simple web application (in Visual Studio) and published to a Cloud Server. The application contained a single (one instance) Web Role. I configured Remote Desktop in the application before publishing.

After publishing, I looked in the Azure portal and found the public IP address. I opened RDP and tried to connect to that IP address. The connection appeared to start, but then it would hang on "Configuring Remote Session ..." and never complete. I could telnet to port 3389, so it was not a firewall issue. After much searching (and prayer), I tried logging into the classic Azure portal ( and reviewed the WebRole1_IN_0 instance. I clicked the "Connect" button, downloaded an *.rdp file, opened it ... and the RDP session worked just fine. I had tried the "Connect" button in the new portal (, but it did not do anything (at least in Firefox).

I am not sure why a direct RDP connection will not work, but using the *.rdp file from the classic portal does work.

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