Friday, August 23, 2013

Bulk Unblock Files

Thanks to Nicholas Rogoff for these instructions to bulk unblock files:

  1. Download the Sysinternals Streams.exe from
  2. I find Sysinternals so useful I create a ‘SysInternals’ folder on my C: drive and then put this into my ‘path’ environment variable so that I can run them from anywhere. However, if this is too much then the easiest is to copy the streams.exe to the root folder you wish to have files unblocked.
  3. In a command windows, use ‘cd’ to navigate to your folder.
  4. Type the command ‘streams –s –d subfoldername’ and press enter.

NOTE: You want to be running streams.exe one folder above the folder containing the files (e.g. subfoldername). For example, if your files to unblock are located in C:\app\bin, you would run your command as:

C:\app>streams -s -d bin

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