Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SQL Server and RAID

Here is a good article that describes how SQL Server can benefit from RAID:


The conclusions are:

RAID Comparisons

Choosing a RAID Level is not that simple, there are multiple things to consider: Cost, Performance, and Capacity amongst others.

This table summarizes the pros and cons of each of the Standard RAID Levels

RAID Level Fault Tolerance Read Performance Write Performance RAID Write Penalty Cost
0 None Good Excellent 1 Excellent
1 Good Good Good 2 Fair
5 Fair Good Poor 4 Good
1+0 Excellent Excellent Excellent 2 Poor
DP Good Good Terrible 6 Good

SQL Storage Recommendations

Operating System and SQL Binaries RAID 1 for Fault Tolerance
Data and Indexes RAID 1+0 (RAID 5 is OK if on a budget)
Logs RAID 1+0
TempDB RAID 1+0
Backups RAID 5

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