Monday, April 9, 2012

Nutritious Data

I read an interesting WSJ article about data visualization (Making Data Beautiful by Holly Finn). Ms. Finn made a statement in the article that creates an interesting analogy:
We all battle data obesity—too much information, not enough of it nutritious—and crave experts to help us sort and savor it.
We are all inundated with data, and the influx of data is monotonically increasing (aka not likely to slow down). Conceptualizing data as calories invokes many questions:

Some data is more nutritious than other data, but how do we objectively quantify the nutritional content in a serving of data?

Is a surplus of consumed data as potentially dangerous as a surplus of consumed calories?

What are the potential benefits in trying to reduce our data intake? 

Is is possible to turn a data junk food into data vegetables through data processing (aka visualization)?

Does the demographics of data abundance (or lack thereof) affect other aspects of life?

What are some other ways to compare and contrast data and calories?

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